Creating a positive, collaborative and energetic environment that enables people to make an impact

INSIGHT Human Capital Partners will challenge you to challenge yourself. Our aim is to help you find ways to develop, lead and perform so that you, your team and whole organization will be enabled to succeed and grow. As a startup, established firm, or nonprofit, you face a similar goal - achieving your mission and creating value for your stakeholders.

Welcome to INSIGHT HCP. Join us in discovering innovative ways to grow your business or nonprofit. Learn about what we do and how we can help you to perform, grow and succeed.

  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • Recruit to close Critical Skill gap
  • Board Development


Talent Management Solutions
Are you able to manage the entire recruitment process of planning, sourcing, interviewing, selecting and onboarding? Do you need an
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Executive Coaching
Is your leadership positioned for the future? Do you want to maximize your own influence and impact? Are you being
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Organization Development
Is your mission and strategy clearly defined and communicated? Is your Board fully engaged in supporting and strengthening your mission
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Focus on your people and your business.

Every organization, whether established or startup has unique characteristics. Insight HCP tailors solutions to your needs.

Insight HCP brings together critical strengths to provide consultation and individualized human capital support